COVID-19: Protect Kids From The Virus

Everything about COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges for most people. Understandably, it is reasonable to feel anxious and stressed because no one is in control right now. But the emotional and mental problems caused by the virus are not limited to adults only. Yes, children, at any particular age, can also experience behavioral and psychological issues. But there is nothing too much to worry about that because there are actions we can take to protect our children. We can help them understand their emotional and mental issues better, adapt to the situation, and recover from the traumatic experience.


Stay Calm And Positive

It is entirely essential to remember that in terms of protecting our kids, we must stay positive and calm. That way, we can avoid associating our adverse reaction to our fear and anxiety. We have to be truthful and honest with the kids about everything that has been going around, no matter what the situation is. We have to admit to the children that we are uncertain about what the pandemic can do in the future. Thus, it is okay to tell them we are also frightened; however, not in a way that our emotions will negatively influence them.


Keep An Active Routine

With all the drastic changes that our children need to deal with during this pandemic, we must help them establish better routines. We have to make sure that our kids go to sleep on time so that they get the necessary hours of sleep for the rejuvenation of mind and body. We have to set a schedule where there is a time for self-care, leisure, and family time. We need to come up with better things to do at home to secure our children’s emotional and mental wellbeing.


Focus On Healthy Activities

One of the best ways we can protect our kids from getting infected is by helping them manage a better lifestyle. Kids nowadays are stagnant at home. Most are often binge-watching and spending too much time on their computers and smartphones. Therefore, we need to ensure they still get the right amount of physical health they need. We have to give our children enough time to run and play inside the house or on our lawn if that is available. Or we can ask them to do simple chores so they can still move their bodies from time to time.


Give Them Proper Nourishment

The virus affects our immune system. With that, we need to make sure that our kids’ bodies can handle the infection. To do that, we need to give our kids proper nourishment. They must eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, there will be a time that organic products are not available. So we need to supply our children with multivitamins to ensure they get all the necessary nutrients they need for immune system enhancement. In addition, we must encourage the children to keep themselves hydrated all the time. Thus, we need to constantly remind them to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Be An Example

All of us want our kids to listen and obey us. So as much as possible, we want them to wash their hands frequently and practice social distancing. However, there are times that kids’ curiosity is unpredictable. As a result, some of them won’t listen to what we tell them. With that, we need to be mindful of handling this stressful situation smoothly. So, if we want our kids to follow instructions, we should set as an example. We need to show the children the proper way of taking safety precautions.

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